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Initial consultation (up to 90 mins) - £40
Follow up sessions (up to 45 mins) - £35 + cost of recommended tinctures  
Combined with other therapies - £5 in addition to cost of chosen therapy
What is a Melding?
Meldings are the creation of Sarah Atkinson (Medical Herbalist) and Jane Alexander (Energetics Practitioner) of the Medicine Garden in Ulverston, Cumbria. They are prepared by using the plants which grow in Sarah's garden and and wild in the area, Willow water and organic alcohol combined with the channelled vibrational energy of the plants.
What do Meldings do?
Meldings interact with our whole being. They work a little like flower or Reiki essences by influencing our subtle energy system. Changes may be felt immediately bringing relief from the emotional effects from a particular emotion or situation or can support long term changes when taken over a longer period of time.
Are they safe to use?
Each 5ml bottle contains about the same amount of actual plant material as a single herbal teabag which makes them very safe to use. Usually 1-3 drops of a Melding are taken in a glass of water which is then sipped slowly. In most cases one dose is taken per day or sometimes a particular Melding can be taken when a situation or emotion arises.
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